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First World Bay Area Problems

Living in the Bay Area can be "tough." With the copious amounts of amazing restaurants, great bars and awesome events, it can be a headache to plan out your week. Here are some common complaints you may have if you live in the Bay Area.

1. This free networking event is lame. They only gave me 3  free drink tickets.

Drink tickets
Photo via doandroidsdance.com

2. There are too many food trucks to choose from.

Off the Grid SF Food Trucks
Photo via Off the Grid SF

3. Sports tickets are too expensive because all of the Bay Area teams are doing well.

Bay Area Sports Teams
Photo via Adapt Clothing

4. I can't stand my job at Google/Facebook/Yahoo/Twitter/Apple so I'm going to quit and start my own company.

Quitting your job
Photo via Made The Jump

5. I can't trust a restaurant or bar that has under 1,000 Yelp reviews.

Funny Yelp
Photo via The Meta Picture

6. BART's on strike again? Fine, I guess I'll have to drive my Audi to work.

BART Strike
Photo via reddit user dirtyfries

7. I have to walk an additional five blocks to the nearest farmers' market because I still don't think the Whole Foods across the street is organic enough.

Farmers Market
Photo via deeedreamer.blogspot.com

8. It takes too much effort to go to all of the free concerts and festivals.

Spongebob To-Do List
Photo via mvscreen.com

9. There are too many ethnic restaurants to choose from. Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian, Peruvian, Korean or Burmese? Actually, let's do Ethiopian.

The Simpsons eating Ethiopian food
Photo via emmamcqueen.com

10. I'm trying to cut down on drinking but my company has weekly happy hour and there's always alcohol in the break room.

 Robin drinking wine under desk
Photo via www.reactiongifs.com

11. The cost of a monthly Muni pass has increased from $64 to $66.

 Empty pockets
Photo via David Sillitoe/Guardian

12. I can't decide if I want to go out in Downtown San Jose (with the college kids), Santana Row (with the hipsters) or Palo Alto (with the bros).

Photo via hoosierillusion's flickr

13. I'm too drunk to decide if I want to take a taxi, a town car or a pink mustache car home.

Horse taxi
Photo via LOLpig.com

14. I had to stop smoking because the laws here are so strict. Now my health has never been better and I have all this disposable income.

 No butt sucking
Photo via Cafe Press

15. I have to fly out of Oakland Airport because it was much cheaper than SFO and SJC.

 Dog plane
Photo via Animals Matter Too

16. All of my out-of-town friends think I'm a wine expert because Napa is so close.

Women drinking wine
Photo via today.com

17. There's traffic on both 101 and 280.

Stuck in traffic
Photo via lolroflmao.com

18. This was San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's campaign video.

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